Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prince of Time, Clee McCracken

This video is a simple interview with my friend who likes to think about time. I first thought of interviewing him because I felt he shouldn't be excluded from any project that has to do with time. I wanted to take an almost ironically literal interpretation of the assignment and distort it into being interesting.

 "The viewer of Renaissance art is systematically placed outside the frame of experience."

I filmed the interview from two cameras, one of which was the low-quality, mirrored webcam in my laptop. This made some of the footage backwards, and gave it the eerie, greenish, grainy cast you see in half the video. I wanted to create an uncertain, flickering reality to be contrasted with Clee's jovial ramblings about the nature of time.

 "Electric circuitry is recreating in us the multidimensional space orientation of the 'primitive'."

I was inspired by McLuhan's ideas about perspective in art how western mathematical perspective is devolving in the face of "electric circuitry." By using two perspectives, one clean and professional and one proudly amateur, I tried to involve the audience, and by distorting the narrative, the image and the quality of the footage I tried to disorient them. 

"The instantaneous world of electric informational media involves all of us, all at once. No detachment or frame is possible."


  1. I was definitely disoriented, both in time and in space. Was the chair rocking because of Clee when there wasn't anyone sitting in it the first time, or was it always Tammara?

    I also enjoying the initial subtlety of the second camera which became overwhelming as time went on.

  2. This was pretty cool. I like that he sort of talked around what he thought about time but never actually said anything about it. The reverse chair effect at the end was really cool, particularly the sound of it. I also like that you played around with camera angles and lighting. Great work!