Monday, January 5, 2015

Hippie Bullshit (tentative title) is a fledgeling project I started with my friend Sam in 2014. Each piece has a music component and an art component, and we create each one by simultaneously improvising in our own medium (for example, I draw or paint and he plays saxophone), trying to depict what the other is producing. We are still exploring right now but we're excited to see what happens!

This is the visual part of one of our pieces. To listen to the musical portion, go here.

Untitled, November 25, 2015, Willa Johnson
Marker and Saxophone


  1. I like how this is sort of a more complex interpretation of the concept of a graphic score

  2. I find this experimental combination of music and still-art to be quite fascinating. It's unique to me that this art is supposed to coincide with the movement of the music, which I assume it is, and I think you should explore more and come up with something even greater!