Monday, February 2, 2015


Instead of making a book of the photos I posted on flickr, I decided to create a bound anthology of some of my instagram photos. I'm a big fan of instagram as a sort of stream-of-consciousness medium that allows people to post whatever they want without perfectly curating everything. Most of the time I post without thinking of my audience, giving me the freedom to indulge all of my weird artistic impulses.

In this book, I decided to focus on a few of the photo series I've done on instagram. Sometimes, mostly out of boredom or curiosity, I'll end up posting a lot of photos in quick succession as a series. I think it's related to my interest in comics, and each photo in a series is one panel. In this way, I've created several mini exhibitions of related, sometimes sequential photos, and that's what I used to fill these pages. Some series are more related than others, but it should be clear, even without text, where the divisions are between sets of related images.

"Humor as a system of communications and as a probe of our environment– of what’s really going on– affords us our most appealing anti-environmental tool. It does not deal in theory, but in immediate experience, and is often the best guide to changing perceptions. Older societies thrived on purely literary plots. They demanded story lines. Today’s humor, on the contrary, has no story line– no sequence. It is usually a compressed overlay of stories."


  1. Very excited to see your book, closer and more personal. The two pages that stood out to me were the femmebot page with the face of a women as its pair. It says a lot about cartoon beauty, plus it just creates a really interesting relationship. Cool!

  2. I really like both this project and the one you presented to class last week. Last week's project seemed like a really interesting examination on the way we view interior and exterior spaces. The book you ended up making, though, is actually kind of fascinating to me. You've presented a juxtaposition of a printed medium with art that is "intended" for online mediums and audiences. Cool!